Client Portal

Say Hello to (AS212895)!
your free network service provider for IPv4 and IPv6

We offer free IPv4 and IPv6 tunnel, peering and transit service over a bunch of PoPs. Alle services are based on our own AS212895.

Transit (full table, default route and partial routes) can be provide via direct IXP peering (KleyRex, LocIX, SBIX, EVIX, NL-IX, DE-CIX DUS and others) or via tunnels (EoIP, GRE(6), SIT, IPIP/IPIP6 and others).

You need transit or would like to peer with A few details are needed to provide transit:

Your ASN
Typ of transport: tunnel or over IXP
Traffic level
IPv4, IPv6 or both
Router IP addresses

We will get in touch with you to discuss tunnel protocol, networks, prefixes and others after you have sent your request.